A Jay Baer’s philosophy: a 250 words summary

Most time we tend to get defensive or would rather ignore negative feedbacks online and offline. In the video, Jay Baer shared an interesting perspective on why customer service by embracing their negative feedback especially in today’s digital media landscape is important.

He gave a lot of insight on why negative feedbacks should be appreciated as they are the “middle meh” of every business. Here are a few insights I got from the short video;

  1. Not answering complaints can make a bad situation worse. When you reply, it shows that the brand care. …

Digital health Technological innovations for Africa, from Africa.

Health-tech…Digital health

Modern technology innovation has undoubtedly impacted almost every aspect of our life. Its role in the health sector is no different. With new advancements in biotechnology, better and effective ways to store and analyze health information, new drugs, and vaccine developments, effective diagnosis, improvement in patient-health worker communication, and the development of new treatment methodologies; technology has indeed made this sector more efficient, and in turn, improved patient care.

However, the reverse is the case in Africa. There is a dingy health situation due to the lack of healthcare investments in the continent. According to the World Health Organization, Africa…

Lots of Pull Requests, Contributions, Fun, and Experience.

Image credit: Octavian Dan (unsplash.com)

October (Stage E), November (Stage F) . . . a couple of weeks more, and the Hamoye Data Science internship would be coming to an end. During the last two stages, we were asked to come together and work on an open-source project that would harness the power of Git and foster learning through collaboration and interaction. For me, the internship has been all about attaining milestone after milestone in my growth as a Data Scientist; and participating in Hamoye Data Science Open Source Projects was another such milestone for me.

At the commencement of Stage E, which was in…

Forecast using Vector Auto-Regression (VAR) model and Long Short-Term Memory networks (LSTM) model

Image credit: Nasa (unsplash.com)


Time series is a stretch of values on the same scale indexed by a time that occurs naturally in many application areas such as environmental, economics and finance, and medicine. The aim of time series analysis is to formulate time series data in order to gain insight into past and likely future events.

During Stage E of the Hamoye Data Science Internship program, my group and I worked on data taken from the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Centers for Environmental Information website. This dataset was originally hosted on Kaggle to assist in the analysis of the…

Iheagwara Ifeanyi Benny

Thoughts, theories, and experiences. A data scientist and machine learning engineer at at Hamoye AI Lab.

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